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VR hardware investment outlet has been content to become the best investment opportunities

Publisher:Goertek   Issuing Time:2016-07-12   Source:Goertek  
VR hardware investment outlet has been content to become the best investment opportunities?

 1, VR/AR industry is still in the very early embryonic period. Overall in the continued growth, but not in the current outbreak. 2016 VR similar to the smart phone industry 2006-2007 years, while the AR of the business process will be even longer.?

2, VR/AR industry profit point where? VR in hardware, content, service providers, platforms, etc. all segments will make a difference, but it will start from the entertainment; AR emphatically in vertical and professional fields, such as retail, education, health care, aided engineering, military, game.?

3, professional and mobile terminal VR hardware equipment difference? Professional shipments of small, mainly the game platform, but also more subversive experience. At three big and PSVR HTC vive, oculus is this category; and mobile terminal VR hardware equipment huge shipments, and may reach 100% penetration rate, is the future of mobile phone industry, but also video and content platform.?

4, VR/AR investment highlights where??

VR/AR the entire industry chain includes hardware, content, platforms, distribution, developer services, content producer services, vertical industry solutions, and so on. Among them: the hardware investment outlet has passed, the unicorn is difficult to appear. But the hardware is also the basis for doing good enough, there are other possibilities for the development of classification.?
The contents of the professional budding startups are now very good. and the content is the best investment point VR/AR at this stage.?
Platform type of start-up companies are currently missing. From the content generated to the user''''s screen, how to distribute, how to interact as well as different viewing angles, this aspect of the opportunity is also a lot of.?
Interaction is one of the major features of VR, but this property is ignored. Focus on the interaction of entrepreneurial companies a lot of opportunities.?
Vertical programs will also have the opportunity, such as meetings, real estate, tourism and so on, to find the most suitable 2B solution.?

5, AR is the next generation mobile Internet mobile phone platform type products, a new generation of subversion WeChat or 脸书 products will appear on the AR platform. But AR still has a long way to go.?

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