Goertek participated in the 2016 China electronic information Expo virtual reality industry development forum

  • Exhibition Name : China electronic information Expo 2016
  • Time : 2016/04/08-04/10
  • Location : Shenzhen

China electronic information Expo sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology China electronic information Expo "virtual reality Industry Development Forum" held in April 9, 2016 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center. The theme of this forum is "era of virtual reality: a new consumer, entertainment, new economy, in order to gathering domestic and international virtual reality industry chain each link giant high-rise, professionals, research, standards, technology development, application, operation, investment, virtual reality of the whole industry chain core population total Xiang Festival, fusion keynote speeches, interactive discussion, Gonghua industry development, and jointly promote the virtual reality technology and product innovation, cultivate new growth point of the audiovisual industry.

Forum a number of research units more than 300 professionals were invited to participate, which is invited to the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics academician Zhao qinping, Peking University, academician Gawain do keynote speeches, and table for Intel, Goertek, Beijing morion technology industry chain enterprises have also elaborated respectively in the virtual reality of the industrial layout.

At the beginning of the forum, industry letter Ministry of electronic information division Diao director in his speech pointed out that virtual reality has become one of the hot topics in the current development of information technology, increasingly fierce domestic and international virtual reality technology competition and layout of the capital to strengthen strategic planning and top-level design; to strengthen the virtual reality technology innovation, and for the development of the initiative; improve the layout of the industrial chain, establish technical standard system; promote virtual reality industry data management, information security etc. collaborative development.

In the forum, the Ministry issued the "white paper on the development of virtual reality industry", the paper analyzes the development status of the virtual reality industry at home and abroad, put forward relevant policies and suggestions.

Academician Zhao Qinping comprehensive review of the development of virtual reality technology, key technology and the main product form and application, and proposed the development of the VR industry work recommendations.

Academician Gao Wen comprehensive exposition of the virtual reality digital audio and video codec technology, pain points, focusing on technology research and development and standardization of the work progress.

As one of the virtual reality of the industrial chain of business representatives, Goertek, vice president of the prospect of industry of global VR, VR products and key technology, VR industry opportunities, especially Geer in global VR industry plays a role in detail.

Goertek is the world''s leading global provider of virtual reality intelligent hardware solutions, 3D VR audio, optical imaging, the whole system integration and other aspects of the industry''s leading edge. Goertek can provide HMD VR machine design, development, manufacturing business, but also to provide large VR chairs and the central control console, UAV and 360 degree camera and VR game handle and other peripheral equipment and accessories. By virtue of the devices, machine vertical integration, system integration and manufacturing advantages, Goertek developed covering the key technology in the future of the VR 3D sound, gesture control and recognition, eye tracking industry development plan, and strive to become with independent intellectual property rights and the core competitiveness of enterprises world-class VR.

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